Nebulizer vs. Nano Mister


You ask. We tell.

Ever since we launched our Nebulizer, there has been so much hype about the difference between a nebulizer and a nano mister! We are here to clear the confusion.

Both nano misters and nebulizers are meant to quickly and effectively cure the eyelash extension adhesive. As adhesive dries naturally, it forms a hard shell on the outside, leaving the adhesive flexible on the inside. This is why we suggest waiting 24 hours before getting them wet. The ultra-fine mist from the nebulizer helps cure the adhesive immediately, from the outside in. This is where a nebulizer and a nano mister differ.

-The nebulizer’s mist is so fine that it doesn’t affect the lashes, other than polymerizing the adhesive at a quicker rate and soothing your clients’ eyes. In the photo below the mist is so fine, it looks like a cloud of fog.


-The nano mister is supposed to do the same thing, but the mist droplets are bigger, and spit out onto the lashes. If you nano mist for too long, you can blanch the lashes with too much water. This turns them white and can affect the retention. Because of the amount of moisture that is released through the nano mister, it is not as good for the lashes as a nebulizer. In the photo below, it shows the heavy stream of water.


People have also been asking how close you hold the nebulizer to your clients eyes, and how long you mist for.

We advise that you hold it about 3-4 inches away from their face, and mist for about 5-10 seconds per eye. The extremely fine mist soothes your client’s eyes, leaving them with no redness, itchiness, or irritation.

Make sure to fill your Bella nebulizer with regular tap water. Distilled water isn’t meant to be in there! Also, make sure you pour out the excess water in-between each client, or it will start to smell like mildew.

This video is everything you need to see. For this, we just used a nano mister found on Amazon.

If you need any more convincing, feel free to email us at . We love our Bella’s and want to make sure we answer all your questions!

XOXO, Bella

4 thoughts on “Nebulizer vs. Nano Mister

  1. sarah rosko says:

    I would like to buy this product how is this possible to do?

    1. Bella Lash says:

      You can purchase on our website! 🙂

  2. Soft touch Electroloysis and Esthetics says:

    Hi My name is Isabel. I am an esthetician and am interested in carrying the nebulizer in my spa for retail. I would really like to try one to see how well it works. I have tried the nano mister and wasn’t impressed. I think it would be great as a retail product for client to use with their toners.

    Let me know your wholesale prices for spas and if I can order one to try. Thank you,

    Isabel Lupis C.P.E.

    1. Bella Lash says:

      Hi Isabel!! That is such a great idea. I know you will love it <3 You can email to set up a wholesale account! And you can purchase on our website! 🙂


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