Unicorn Costume Inspiration

We are in love with this unicorn costume!

For this look we wanted a light and airy look with a flare of fun. We bought a white leotard online for $10 and found colored clip-in hair extensions. For the unicorn horn we went to a craft store and found baking clay. We rolled out two sections, twisted them together, baked them in the oven, spray painted the horn gold and used mod-podge to glue on gold flakes.

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We knew we had to do rainbow lash extensions and this is probably our favorite part of this costume and ties together the whole look!

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Since this is the time of year for costumes and makeup what better way to make that costume pop then to add colored lashes! There are so many ways to use our colored lashes and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to see what you do them!

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