Every girl secretly wishes to be a mermaid. And after this Halloween photoshoot we wish we were too! We found the mermaid skirt on Pinterest and we handmade the sea shell bra. Most craft stores will have seashells large enough to glue on a bra. We spray painted it gold and glued on the starfish and pearls and whala….we have a mermaid!

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Now for our favorite part…the makeup and lashes. Our makeup artist used actual fish net to create the scales on her face and we used corn syrup to glue the pearls on her skin. We bought silver hair extensions online for a great price and our wonderful hair stylists created this beautiful braid!

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We created the lash look by mixing our volume lashes .07mm C-curl mixed length trays with our silver glitter lashes. We have found if you only use silver glitter lashes it makes the client look like they have no lashes and it’s kind of creepy. By mixing black lashes with glitter lashes it gave us that pop-of-glitter look we were going for!

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We hope you find this fun and full of ideas! There are endless possibilities of ways you can use our colored lashes to create any look you want.

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