The 200 Collection: Crystallized Fans™

Your empire is growing. Your books are filling. Your time is valuable. How can you make the most of your time but still give your clients the most top-notch service?

Bella just dropped the 200 Collection – 200 cult-favorite Crystallized Fans™ in new dimensions and diameters, perfect for mega volume looks! The best part about these fans is that application can be done by classic and volume artists – build your empire quicker than ever with a 1:1 application process. Classic artists will be able to add a new service to their menu, and volume artists will be able to speed up their volume & mega volume service time.


Crystallized Fans™ are heat bonded at the base (not adhesive bonded), so there is no extra added weight from the lashing process.

As the lash industry evolves, it has become evident that more lash clients are leaning towards fuller, denser styles that cannot be achieved with classic lashes alone. The learning curve and time commitment of creating a perfect volume & mega volume lash set by generating a mass amount of traditional fans on-the-spot for each client is a big obstacle for both the lash artist and client alike.

What if we could eliminate or at least mitigate those obstacles by creating beautiful, full, dense volume looks in a fraction of the time? These common issues have been the driving force behind Crystallized Fans™ and the 200 Collection, and are the primary purpose of their creation.

Crystallized Fan™ Highlights

  • Heat bonded to create lightweight fans
  • Pointed bases for easy placement and natural appearance
  • Various dimensions, curls, and lengths to offer customization for each client
  • Same retention as hand-made volume fans
  • Sturdy fans that retain their shape and curl
  • Fast and efficient volume capabilities

But how can you most efficiently use these fans to up your lash game and grow your empire?
Check out some ideas below!

Full Set: 200 Collection – Dramatic Look

This look was created entirely with 200 collection Crystallized Fans™.

Check the stats:
Curl: C-Curl
Length: 9-12mm
Diameter: 0.03mm
Dimension: 10D + 12D
Set completion time: 1.5 hours

Full Set: Hybrid 200 Collection + Handmade Fans – Dramatic Look

This is a hybrid look using half 200 Collection Crystallized Fans™, and half lash artist handmade fans.

Crystallized Fans™:
Curl: C-Curl & D-Curl
Length: 8-11mm
Diameter: 0.03mm
Dimension: 8D + 10D

Handmade fans:
Curl: C-Curl & D-Curl
Length: 8-12mm
Diameter: 0.05mm
Set completion time: 2.5 hours

Full Set: Handmade Fans Only – Cat Eye Look

This look is achieved with 100% handmade fans.

Curl: C-Curl & D-Curl
Length: 9-13mm
Diameter: 0.05mm
Set Completion Time: 4 hours

No matter how you choose to use the 200 Collection, there’s a look for every client and a method for every artist. Let us know below how you’re using this cult favorite!

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  1. Diana says:


    These looks are very beautiful all, but I would like know if the are Animal Cruelty Free. I am looking for Primer & Sealer and could not find any? Can you please assist as well as respond to my question?

    Thank you!


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