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Image of pink hued pillows on a bed. Some have fur, some depict cacti, and one has a drawing of eyelashes. The text on the image reads "2021: Take Care of You"

You’re a lash artist. You’re great at what you do. You love your job. What you do helps empower others, it gives them a self-esteem boost and a dose of endorphins. Sometimes you even play unofficial therapist, listening to life problems and successes. Learning about family members and petty friends. You absorb it all, but who’s there for you? How do you unwind, keep yourself going, and keep the mental fatigue at bay? We know that, especially with the stress of the last year, sometimes it’s hard to find a mental balance and keep the joy alive. We wanted to compile a few ways to help you keep your balance and center yourself.

Be Thankful.

Know that what you’re doing is helping others be their best self. But what are you doing for YOU? Write down some of the things you’re grateful for. Get into the practice of doing this every day. It could be when you wake up, or when you’re setting your space for the day. Gratitude toward yourself, or others has been shown to improve your mental health, giving you a boost to get through your day.

Give your body fuel.

Hydrate and eat a diet that works for your body – this is different for everyone, so, make sure you’re getting all the vitamins, minerals, and water you need to keep you moving and at the top of your game.

Stay active.

Lashing engages many parts of your body at once. As an artist, your core is active the entire time, keeping you balanced and poised in the perfect position. Your arms and hands are doing a lot as well – constant motion and moving your wrists methodically, repeatedly. Understanding this, it’s so important to STRETCH. Make sure your body is ready for what the day has in store. Stay active – go for walks, hit the gym, give your body the exercise it craves in any way you can. But also remember to wind down and give your body some time to heal at the end of each day.

Goals, goals, goals.

We all want to make as much money as possible. We want to have a successful business, a positive reputation, a great client base. All of these are attainable goals, though they won’t happen overnight. Set realistic goals for yourself. Set daily, weekly monthly, and yearly goals. Some ideas…

  • Daily: Sell $175 in aftercare today
  • Weekly: Post on social media every day this week
  • Monthly: Gain 5 new clients this month
  • Yearly: Retain 75% of my clients this year

Take breaks.

As your books start to fill up, make sure you are scheduling breaks into the day. If you aren’t used to working back-to-back clients, if you’re still learning how to balance your work & life, remember, YOU are important. Breaks are YOU time.

Turn music on.

Everyone has different preferences when they’re lashing. Some people prefer podcasts, some like music, some like to chat and others just like the silence (hello, client lash naps). Sometimes though, we start to feel the day creeping in on us and we need something to help carry us through and find balance. Turn on some of your favorite (client appropriate) tunes and let them center you as you work.

Everyone is different. Everyone’s mind, body, and spirit crave different things. Just remember that your needs are important. Unwinding from your day is important. The joy is important. YOU are important.

Click here to download a jpg of our favorite Lash Artist Affirmations to help start your day in a positive mental space.

How do you center yourself? What kinds of goals do you set for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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