Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Your Lash Clients

The holidays are among us! That means its time to start shopping and preparing what we are going to give our friends, family and even clients!

Giving your eyelash extension clients a gift around the holidays can make them feel appreciated as well as let them know that you value the relationship that you have together. We feel that this adds a special touch and can certainly help with retaining clients with the gesture!

There are many options of items to give your lash clients, and it will vary depending upon the type of client that you have as well as the budget that you are working with.  That is why we have created the perfect lash client gift giving guide for any budget or client type!

Holiday gift giving

Here are our favorites client gift ideas!

Handmade – Handmade gifts will show a sincere caring for the person receiving them.  Taking the time to create a gift for one of your clients is a genuine and thoughtful gesture.  Our favorite place to look for handmade ideas is Pinterest! You can create custom labels for your products that you sell, hand out special eyelash based holiday or thank you cards or even create special boxes or note cards.  Here are some of our favorite Pinterest hand-made client gifts:

Client Gift Box – Presentation is everything, and these sweet, personalized messages will make your eyelash clients warm and fuzzy inside while opening these gifts.

Spa In A Jar – Create a spa in a jar! Use a mason jar, and fill it with items any client in the beauty industry would love! Nail Polish, Mascara Wands, Lash Cleansers!

Eyelash Extensions Spa Christmas

Baked – Bake some sweet treats for your eyelash clients this holiday season! This is the perfect gift to give for any budget because baking is fairly inexpensive, and you can make large batches to accommodate all of your clients! These Pinterest eyelash cookies have our mouths watering!

Eyelash Inspired Cookies – We love these lash inspired cookies! Create your own or purchase here!

eyelash extensions

Aftercare – Eyelash extension aftercare is always the perfect gift to give your lash clients because it is something that we both know that they will use and love! Bella Lash offers multiple aftercare products that would be perfect to include in those holiday gift bags!

Cleanser – Encourage your clients to keep their lashes clean this holiday season with Bellas Lash Cleanser.  They will appreciate the gift, and will be able to nourish and care for their eyelashes!

Eyelash Extension Cleanser

Perfect Touch – Give your clients the Perfect Touch of mascara and keep their lashes looking beautiful and full as they attend all of their holiday events!  

Eyelash Extension Safe Mascara

Comment below with your favorite gifts to give your eyelash extension clients!

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