Building Clientele in Cosmetology

Building clientele in cosmetology can sometimes be tough, which is why beauty school graduates need every advantage that they can get to appeal to all clients in the cosmetic industry.

That’s why we recommend to diversify yourself. 

As a cosmetology graduate, having many qualifications and offering additional services will help to diversify yourself and will give you the upper hand when clients are selecting their beauty professional. Becoming a well rounded beauty professional and having training in many fields will essentially make you a ‘one stop shop’ for your clients. This will help you to maximize every revenue potential with each client as well as assist you in building new clientele that are interested in additional services.

An example of diversifying yourself in the cosmetology field would be to enroll in an eyelash extension certification course. Eyelash extensions are currently one of the fastest growing specialties in the beauty industry and would be a great way for new cosmo graduates to take part in the latest cosmetic phenomenon. Most eyelash extension training courses are short and range from 1-2 days, which makes them ideal and easy to manage with your current cosmetology curriculum. To apply Classic semi-permanent eyelash extensions, you will take one eyelash extension and glue this to the natural lash like the photo below.

Classic Eyelash Extension Training

There are many resources that offer additional training courses to cosmetology students and graduates to help you obtain further certifications to assist in the establishment of your beauty career.

Bella Lash has been teaching and certifying cosmetology students and graduates for years and offers a fully supportive program to help you effectively begin your business and build your clientele.

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Building Clientele in Cosmetology


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