Get Your Perfect Wedding Day Lashes!

wedding day lashes

Wedding season is coming up soon! Are you looking for the perfect wedding day lashes?  Well look no further! Bella Lash eyelash extensions are perfect for your wedding day or special occasion!  Here’s why we love them for weddings:

  1. Stress free –  Lash extensions are stress free.  You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect product or mascara line to make your eyes pop on your wedding day! This creates less stress so that you can enjoy your wedding without stress!
  2. Low maintenance – We love them because they are low maintenance! With lash extensions, you will wake up and your lashes are ready to go, looking full and voluminous, which makes for one stunning bride!
  3. They stay on! – Unlike strip lashes, lash extensions will stay on all day and can withstand your honeymoon! You won’t have to stress that your strip lash has accidentally come up and they will look great all night!
  4. They look stunning! Bella Lash extensions look stunning and can create an attractive sexy look, making you a stunning looking bride! Lash extensions are also perfect for your bridal party so that your line can look amazing for photos on your special day!
  5. You can create the look that you desire!  Whether you are looking for a more dramatic doll look, or a natural look; You can create any look desired with your lash extensions and be fully prepared the morning of your wedding without the hassle!

wedding eyelash extensions

We recommend selecting your lash artist prior to your wedding, and getting lashes at least a few weeks prior so that you can customize your look and find a reputable and trusted Bella Lash artist.  Then a few days before the wedding, you can go in for an appointment and have perfect wedding day lashes!


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