Cruella de Vil Halloween Costume Transformation

Cruella de Vil Picture

Fall is officially among us, the leaves are turning colors and the air is getting colder. This means it’s time to start thinking about halloween costumes. Fortunately for you we have created the most epic Cruella de Vil costume that will help you win any best costume award!


When picking out the clothing we were trying to decide if we wanted to create the old Cruella de Vil or the new one, so naturally decided to do a little bit of both! When recreating a character one of the most important factors to get right is the clothing. This is because each iconic character has specific articles of clothing that everyone recognizes. For Cruella it’s her fur coat, red gloves, and cigarette holder. Down below are all the same articles of clothing we used! 





Cigarette Holder


Cruella de Vil Clothing
Cruella de Vil Costume


Cruella de Vil’s hair is one of the most iconic parts of her whole look! Everyone will know you are Cruella if half your hair is white and the other half is black. We knew we wanted to find a wig that was fun, sexy, and sophisticated and we found the perfect one! 



Cruella de Vil Wig
Cruella de Vil wig


The beautiful makeup on our model was done by the one and only Katie Livingston. She did such an amazing job and helped our vision come to life. We knew that we wanted a black smokey eye, a bold lip, and a chiseled face! With Katie’s talent we got just that! 

Cruella de Vil makeup
Cruella de Vil makeup


Now for the most important part of the look, the lashes! These lashes were created by our wonderful and talented professional lash artist Nory. She created a beautiful volume set with a peak of white and red colored lashes. She pulled inspiration for this look through Cruella’s hair, but made it creative and original. Below you can see the products she used and the lash map so you can create this exact look! 


Black Premades C 0.7

White C 0.7

Red C 0.7

Cruella de Vil lashes

Lash Map

Here is the lash map so that you can create the exact same Cruella de Vil look! For clarification, the black marker is for black lashes, red is for red lashes, and blue is for white lashes. We hope you enjoy and have fun creating your halloween looks!

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