Baby Shampoo & Eyelash Extensions – To Recommend, or Not?

Eyelash Extension Cleanser

As a lash artist, do you recommend for your clients to cleanse their lashes with baby shampoo? There can be many pros to your clients using baby shampoo to clean their lashes versus not cleansing them at all which allows germs to build up.

Here are some of the pros that we have found with clients using baby shampoo on their eyelash extensions.

– Baby shampoo is a gentle formula and does not burn the eyes
– It was created for hair and sensitive skin, and will work to clean off excess germs
– It is inexpensive for clients to purchase from any convenience store

However, as a beauty professional, if you recommend for your clients to use baby shampoo, you may be doing your clients a disservice and losing potential revenues for your own business as there are better products out there to use for cleaning eyelash extensions. When clients come in for a fill and you send them home with the advice to use baby shampoo to clean their lashes, you are losing revenue and money that you could have made on reselling them a lash cleanser. Baby shampoo is inexpensive and the client can purchase this themselves at the store as it is not a professional product. Baby shampoo will help to clean germs from the lashes, however, if the client wears make-up, it does not have any ingredients to effectively remove this.

Baby shampoo can be great for a make-shift product, when you or your client are out of professional lash cleansers however, it does not contain the same benefits as purchasing a cleanser designed specifically for eyelashes and should not be recommended for daily use.  Baby shampoos contain fragrance, artificial colors and mineral oils, that overtime with long term use will break down the integrity of the adhesive causing lashes to have shorter retention.

It is recommended to resell your clients a lash cleanser such as this one here: Lash Cleanser. Selling your clients professional products will help you to have a more successful business and keep that extra revenue while maintaining professionalism.  In addition, Lash cleansers are formulated specifically for extensions and do not contain ingredients that may break down the bond.  Lash Cleansers also have the necessary make-up removers which baby shampoo does not.

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  1. dee says:

    Loosing—> Losing. 🙂 I’ve heard oil will break down the glue, too. Good read!


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