Lash Tip Tuesday for the Lash Newbie

So you got eyelash extensions and you’re feeling like a queen.

But now comes the maintenance that comes with having eyelash extensions. Have no fear, because our maintenance tips are easy to follow and integrate into every day life! Here’s some important tips for the lash newbie.

Don’t get wet within 24 hours. Any lash extension pro will tell you that water around your eyes is a big no-no within 24 hours of extension application. Why? The adhesive used to hold the extension in place takes awhile to cure and any sweat, water or liquids can mess with this process. Make sure you plan ahead and wash your hair and face before a lash appointment. After the first 24-hours, you should be good to go about your normal cleansing habits.

Avoid makeup and face products that contain oil. Don’t believe the rumors that you can’t wear makeup or wash your face while wearing eyelash extensions. Going about your normal beauty routine is totally fine as long as the products you are using are oil free. Oily products can break down the adhesive bond and shorten the life of your extensions.

Lash Newbie

Don’t freak out when they fall out. A lot of lash newbies feel like they’re lashes fall out more rapidly when they have eyelash extensions. As long as the extensions are applied properly and taken care of, this isn’t the case. You may just notice your lashes falling out more than before because they have a thick, black extension applied to them. Lashes will still follow their normal lash cycle, even with extensions on. Don’t be freaked out if your lashes looks like a spider 😉

Don’t wear mascara. Putting mascara on your lashes will tug, turn and twist your extensions (pssst…we sell extension safe mascara that helps with maintenance). Also, most mascaras have oil in them that breaks down the adhesive bond. On top of all that, most mascara is hard to remove, and most tough makeup removers contain oil.

Schedule regular fills. If you want your lashes to stay on point, it’s recommended to get fills every 2-3 weeks. Fills don’t take as long as full sets and are generally cheaper. This is because extensions aren’t being placed on every natural lash, just the ones that have grown since your last appointment.

Brush your lashes daily. Most lash artists will give you a clean mascara wand after each lash appointment. Keep this wand in a clean and sanitized place and use it to brush your lashes every single day. Brushing your lashes not only keeps the shape looking up to par, but it untangles the lashes. Having tangled lashes not only looks bad, it can cause premature shedding.

You’ll be addicted. For those of you who just got lash extensions for a special event or just to test them out, you’ll never look back. The ease and glam of extensions can’t be beat!


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  1. Millie says:

    Where can I buy mascara for my extensions? I live in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

    Thanks for your time.


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