2019 Lash Industry Year in Review

The Lash Industry continues to grow and that’s awesome!

  • More lash artists are entering the industry than ever before.
  • Industry trends are showing an increased demand for Volume and Mega Volume Lashes.
  • Lash curls and lengths are moving slightly to reflect the trends in individual styles. 

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I think for me personally, my biggest takeaway is that although our industry is growing, its growth is slowing down. This should be a concern for everyone in the industry. One reason for this could be that although Mega Volume is one of the biggest trends, it may not reflect the needs of the majority of our clients. Clients have responded to surveys saying that the things they value most are their time and money. Mega Volume does not meet either of these needs for the majority of women (not all). It seems we need to pause and reflect on whether we are delivering the services that appeal to the majority of women.  

As for Bella Lash specifically, we have had a significant year of growth both externally and internally. We have launched 15 new products in 2019. We have learned to manage our company in a stronger and more efficient manner. Our average time to ship is well under 1 day. Our customer service is responding to almost 100% of our emails and messages in under 2 hours. Each department is running with live data inside each office so they can clearly see how we are performing as a company.

We’re excited about our own growth and excited about the upcoming products and potential we see in our industry. Thank you for being a part of our journey within this incredible industry!
– Zach Chipman
CEO, Bella Lash

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2019 Lash Industry Year in review
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