We Are Here for YOU

In light of the shifting circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the speed at which things are changing, Bella Lash wants to make sure that our Artists, Educators, and Clients are all prepared for whatever the future brings us.
The team here at Bella Lash is here for you. Literally and figuratively. Our employees are taking every precaution to ensure that we remain in a position to still serve our community. At this time we are running at full capacity. The Bella team is making sure that employees who need time for their health or the health & wellbeing of their family are taken care of completely. 
Most important of all, the largest part of the Bella Lash team – you. We know your lashing is your livelihood. Everyone is taking a hit with fear and uncertainty, but what combats fear? KNOWLEDGE. This email is for YOU, to help keep you safe, viable, and open for business as long as your community allows.

Stay tuned for another post to share with your lash clients to ensure their safety during this time (and to make sure they follow you through the storm – to the other side)!

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