Holiday Inspired Eyelash Extensions

The Holiday’s are in full swing here at Bella Lash and we’re having a blast thinking up all different kinds of holiday inspired eyelash extensions.

One of the best part of lashes is that they’re customizable. If you want to go full on Mrs. Clause and get a full set of red and green lashes, you totally can! If you want a more subtle sparkle for a New Years Eve party, your lash artist can place glitter just on the outer corners of your lashes.

Heres some of our favorite looks and tips on how to recreate them.


Winter hues can last past the holly jolly season. Light and sparkly blues, inspired by Jack Frost, give your eyes a nice ice bitten look.

Holiday Inspired Eyelash Extensions

Lashes by Tanja Nicklaus

How to get this look: Apply thin (.15) blue colored lashes to each natural lash to achieve a full look. Once lashes have cured, apply blue shadow with a thick shadow stick, like this one here.  It’s very important to wait until the adhesive cures (about 24 hours) to apply the shadow because when you wash off your makeup, you don’t want to effect your lash retention.

Winter 2

Lashes by Lash Designs

How to get this look: This look is a little darker and has more sparkle than the one above. To achieve this look, apply dark blue lashes to each individual natural lash. The thickness and diameter can be determine by client’s preference.

The added sparkle can be achieved by placing glitter lashes on the outer corners. We’d recommend using silver and blue glitter lashes, which can be found here.


Christmas 1

Lashes by Allie England

How to get this look: This is a very subtle Christmas flair to a natural set of lashes. To achieve this look, apply volume lashes. Leave a few lashes on the outer corners unlashed. When you have finished applying all of the normal volume lashes, apply red lashes to the outer corner. If you wish, you can apply green, glittered or silver lashes to this look!

Holiday lashes

Lashes by Mav.LousLashes

How to get this look: This is a more dramatic Christmas look. To achieve this look, apply classic lashes to 75% of natural lashes. Leave an even amount of lashes unlashed on the inner, outer and middle lashes.

Place red and green lashes to remaining natural lashes. Alternate between red and green to achieve an even look.

New Years:

New Years is the perfect excuse to add a little sparkle to your look.

New Years Lashes

Lashes by Be Snob Eyelashes

How to get this look: To achieve this look apply classic lash extensions to each individual natural lash. Leave a few lashes (about 15) unlashed from the center of the eye to the outer corners. Place one glitter lash extension to the remaining natural lashes.

New Years Eyelash Extensions

Lashes by Lashes by Jenny

How to get this look: To achieve this look, place volume lashes on each individual natural lash. The sizes and lengths of the volume lash will depend on personal preference. Leave about 7 natural lashes on the outer corner unlashed. Apply red eyelash extensions and silver eyelash extensions to the remaining natural lashes.

Now go have a holly-jolly lash time!

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