Aftercare for Volume Lashes

Volume lashes up the glam factor from classic lashes. But, all that glam and volume means you have to take extra care of your lashes. For the most part, aftercare rules stay the same for volume lashes as they do for classics, but there are some specific differences.



When sealing your volume lashes at home, focus primarily on the base of the lash. Putting too much sealer on the actual extensions can close up the volume fans. We recommend brushing through your extensions once with the IntelliSeal brush, and then with a clean mascara wand. The separates the fans while spreading the IntelliSeal.  


Clean your volume lashes as you would you classic lashes. Pump cleanser onto a clean cotton round, mascara wand or your finger and gently agitate the lashes. However, the difference with volume lashes comes in the drying process. After cleansing, brush through the fans to separate them while they’re wet. Do this consistently as your lashes are air drying to keep them fluffy and the fans wide.


Use of the IntelliSystem of volume fans is very similar to the use of IntelliSeal. Apply one coat of mascara to your lashes with an IntelliSystem wand, then wipe through with a clean mascara wand to disperse the mascara and spread fans.

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