Preparing Your Lashes for Changing Seasons

In parts of the world, fall has arrived. Unfortunately, the change of seasons and the change of the weather can mess with eyelash extension retention. This is can be scary for lash artists and clients alike. Read on to find out why lashes shed as the seasons change and how to slow the process.


Sun Protection

As the seasons change, our bodies start to shed all hair, not just eyelashes. Hair on our head, body hair, etc. This is because the biological purpose of hair is to protect our skin from the sun. As the sun lowers in fall months, our bodies begin to shed the hair. If you have a furry little friend, you may notice that their hair is shedding during this time as well, for the same reason.

Vitamin D

The sun provides our bodies with Vitamin D. As the days get cooler (and this happens more quickly in some areas of the world earlier than others) the sun isn’t as strong. Our bodies don’t absorb as much Vitamin D, which is necessary to hair growth.

Energy Loss

Because of that lack of Vitamin D, our bodies lack energy which makes the hair growth process slower. Our bodies have to work extra hard to grow hair when lacking Vitamin D. They are also working hard to protect other parts of our bodies from colds, infections and other illnesses that come with the change of the seasons.


The good news is that season changing lash shed only lasts 3-4 weeks. Here’s some ways to stop or slow this shedding:

  1. Take Vitamin D Supplements
  2. Don’t go longer than 2 weeks between fills during shedding time
  3. Have lighter lashes applied during shedding time
  4. Have shorter lashes applied during shedding time


Follow these tips and let us know how your lashes hold up!

4 thoughts on “Preparing Your Lashes for Changing Seasons

  1. Leesa Lundrigan says:

    How does the season of shedding lash only last 3-4 weeks when lack of sunshine during Fall and Winter are several months? Can you please elaborate?

    1. Laura says:

      It only lasts that long because your body is getting used to the changes in those 3-4 weeks. After the 3-4 weeks, it is used to the lack of sunshine and will adjust hair growth and blood flow accordingly.

  2. Jaxi says:

    Hi i am opening a lash salon in October and I was wondering if you sell lashes wholesale or it I bought many for a lower price I can be reached at thanks

  3. Paul says:

    We have been doing lashes for over 10 years now and have never noticed any kind of lash loss during the early fall. So this post in very intriguing to me. Can you cite any studies or papers that you based your claims on? Or is just your personal observation? Thank you for your feedback.


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