11 Affirmations for Lash Artists

As a hardworking lash artist, we want you to feel elevated and confident in yourselves and your lashing abilities. This comes from making sure you are taking care of yourself and putting yourself first. Taking care of your mind and body is very important when working in the lash industry. Daily Affirmations are a way to challenge yourself and overcome any self-doubt or negative feelings you may have. We highly recommend starting out each day with positive self-talk!

I am beautiful. 

I am powerful.  

I possess the qualities needed to become extremely successful.  

I am a creator.  

I am worth it.  

I have the ability to learn new skills. 

I am a Mega Volume Lash Artist.  

I can do hard things. 

I am fierce. 

I believe in myself.

Everything that is happening right now is happening for my ultimate good.

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