What To Know Before Your First Lash Appointment

You’ve been opening and closing the book appointment tab for weeks now. You’re unsure of what the process of receiving lash extensions will look like and you have so many unanswered questions. Look no further as we have all of the answers to what to expect and how to prepare for your first-ever lash appointment. It’s time to finally book that appointment and get your first set of lash extensions! 

Do I need to arrive early for the appointment? How early should I arrive?

Yes! Definitely try to arrive 10-15 minutes before your set appointment time. This will give you the time to fill out any paperwork needed without it cutting into your appointment. It’s also a great time to take a breather and think of any other questions you may have for your artist.

Am I okay to wear makeup to the appointment?

It is a must that your lashes and eye area be clean of any makeup and oils upon arrival. Lash artists do understand how busy life can get and sometimes cleansing your eye area before an appointment can take unnecessary time away from you. If you aren’t able to remove makeup prior to your appointment, just simply let your lash artist know so they can be prepared to do a lash bath.

How long will the appointment last?

A full set of lash extensions can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on what type of set you’re receiving. Prepare yourself to be laying down for about that length of time. Bring comfort items to help you stay settled! Also, be sure to have your schedule cleared so as to not rush your lash artist.

Am I okay to bring my kids to the appointment?

Try to make arrangements for child care. It is preferred that children are not present during the appointment since your eyes will be closed for a long period of time. Hence, you will not be able to take care of their needs while receiving lash extensions. Your lash artist is also too focused on creating a beautiful set to be watching your child.

What should I wear?

Definitely dress comfy! There will be absolutely no judgment if you decide to wear pajamas to your appointment. Your lash artist will most likely be dressed in what feels comfortable to them as well.

If I fall asleep, will it be okay?

100% yes. As much as lash artists love to chit-chat, it allows them to get their set done in a timely manner without too many distractions! Plus, who doesn’t love an unexpected nap? You get to wake up feeling recharged and beautiful!

Should I tip my lash artist?

Tipping your artist isn’t required, but it most definitely is appreciated! Standard tipping is about 15-20% of the initial service charge.

Is it okay to get my lash extensions wet?

Totally! Just remember to let them dry and fluff them out after anytime they get wet! If you’re planning on going swimming, hanging out at the beach, or potentially cry at any time, be sure to clean them with a lightweight cleanser to remove any chemicals or salts that may be hanging out around your lash line. 

What is the best way to care for my new extensions?

-Cleanse your lashes daily using a lightweight cleanser

-Brush your extensions several times a day

-Be careful with using products that contain oil around the eye area

-Try to not pick or rub your extensions as to not cause premature fallout or natural lash damage

-Do not wear mascara

-Do not use an eyelash curler

-Avoid strong heat

Where can I buy lash extension aftercare?

More likely than not your lash artist will have lash cleansers on site for you to buy! If not, Bella Lash has an amazing lineup of aftercare that you can purchase from our site!

Click here to check out Bella’s aftercare line!

We’re so excited for you to experience lash extensions and hope you have a great experience!

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