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Keeping Lash Adhesive Good

Lash Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Adhesive in Top Shape

Adhesive! It can be a lash artist’s best friend or worst enemy. Adhesive bottles can be tricky to navigate when you are trying to keep your adhesive good as long as possible. We’ve compiled a few quick tips to help ensure the best life for your adhesive possible. 1. Avoid cotton cleaning pads, Q-Tips, etc. …

Eyelash Extension Mapping

Customizing Lash Extensions to Each Client  

Properly positioning each lash map to the client’s eye and brow shape can make all the difference. We want each and every lash client to feel the look they received has been customized to only them. Overall, we know that happier lash clients will likely lead to better client retention. Bella Lash’s education team has …