Benefits of Crystalized Fans

The lash industry is evolving and making the life of a lash artist easier! Crystalized fans are becoming the future for volume and mega volume lashes. Why is this happening? Read about them and you will find out! 

When you first start lashing it takes a lot of practice to get good at classic lashes. You have to practice for months and for some years to perfect it. Since it takes so long to perfect classic lash artists cannot start practicing volume or mega volume until a couple years in. With the help of Crystalized fans classic, volume, and mega volume lash artists are able to apply them because it is a 1:1 application process. This helps classic lash artists elevate their business and offer more services. Crystalized fans are also great for artists who have mastered volume and mega volume looks because you are able to lash more clients in one day due to how much faster you can achieve the same looks.

Many people want a volume or mega volume look, but do not want to lay down for 4 hours to get them done. Crystalized fans make it possible for lash artists to create mega volume looks in half the time. They also have a variety of lengths and dimensions so that you can customize each look. They are also bonded together by heat so that it does not add any weight to the lashes. This makes it so it is more comfortable for the clients. These fans hold their shape and curl just as well as handmade fans, so you are not losing any quality when using them. 

Crystallized fans are a great product to add to your 2022 wishlist. We offer the 200 Collection and the 500 Collection. This is a groundbreaking invention that can help many lash artists increase their profit. Change can be hard at times, but we promise this product will not disappoint.

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