Is Lash Shedding Season Real?

Hey there, lash enthusiasts! Are you curious about seasonal shedding and how it affects your lash extensions? We’ve got the scoop to help you separate fact from fiction. While our natural lashes do shed, the idea of seasonal shedding and its impact on lash growth is still under exploration. So, let’s dive into the exciting world of lashes and shed some light on this topic!

Understanding Our Lash Shedding:

First things first, our natural lash shedding rate is typically around five lashes per day. That’s right, our fabulous lashes bid farewell to approximately 35 lashes per week, which is completely normal and healthy. So, no need to panic when you notice a few fallen lashes here and there.

lash shedding
The Seasonal Connection:

You may have heard that hair growth tends to increase during warmer months, and some believe that eyelashes might follow a similar pattern. While studies have supported seasonal changes in hair growth, it’s important to note that these studies focus on head hair growth rather than lashes themselves. Additionally, factors like decreased sunlight during colder seasons can contribute to vitamin D deficiency, which may impact overall hair health.

What the Studies Say:

Now, let’s talk about the studies themselves. Interestingly, most of the research has focused on men’s hair growth, and there’s a need for further exploration when it comes to lashes. So, while we eagerly await more lash-specific studies, it’s essential to remember that existing research doesn’t discount the possibility of seasonal changes in lash growth.

Factors to Consider:
lash shedding

Instead of getting caught up in the seasonal shedding hype, let’s focus on the factors that genuinely impact lash retention. Allergies, placement and isolation techniques, adhesive usage, and medications are crucial aspects to consider. By addressing these factors and providing the right care, you can help your lash extensions stay on point for longer periods.

Lash Confidence, All Year Round:

Regardless of seasonal changes, you deserve to flaunt those gorgeous lashes with confidence! So, here’s the bottom line: don’t stress over the seasonal shedding myth. While more research is needed to establish a definitive connection, what truly matters is your individual lash care and maintenance routine. Gentle cleansing, avoiding oil-based products, and regular touch-ups will keep your lashes looking fabulous, no matter the season!


While studies on lash growth patterns are limited, it’s essential to focus on the factors that genuinely impact lash retention. By maintaining a solid care routine and addressing individual concerns, you can rock stunning lash extensions throughout the year. Remember, you’re the queen of your lashes, and nothing can dim your lash glow!


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