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Eyelash Extension Etiquette

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Eyelash Extension Etiquette

Getting your lashes done is a treat and a necessity (at least in our minds). But do you know the right eyelash extension etiquette when it comes to tipping, scheduling and working with your lash artist? Read on to find out how you can keep a great relationship with your lash artist and so you can keep your lashes looking fab.

  1. Tip correctly

Lash artists work in the service industry, so just like a restaurant, you should tip those that serve you. A standard, across the board tip is between 15-20 percent. Your tip amount can change based on the experience you had. If you had a superb experience and are beyond amazed with your lashes, let your lash artist know and show your appreciation with a more generous tip.

  1. Don’t come sick

Because your lash artist is so close to your face throughout the lashing process, avoid coming in with a raging illness. If you cancel and reschedule in time, your lash artist will understand. If it’s absolutely necessary to get your lashes done, wear a medical mask to stop germs from spreading.

  1. Bring cash

It’s best to tip in cash over credit card, especially if you’re getting your lashes done at a salon. This ensures that your lash artist will receive their whole tip, and nothing can be taken away from salon fees.

  1. Shower before

Not only does showering before your lash appointment ensure that you smell super fresh while in proximity with your lash artist, it shows you can follow the after-care instructions. Any lash die-hard knows how critical it is not to get your extensions wet after application. It will make your lashes last longer and show your lash artist you really appreciate their work.

  1. Communicate

Your lash artists won’t be able to achieve your dream lashes unless you tell them what you’re envisioning! Tell them if your prefer long, short, full or natural lashes. Make sure to listen to their opinion as well. They are the experts and will know if a desired look is damaging to your lashes.

  1. Cancel appropriately

If your life gets busy and you can’t make it to your lash appointment, you must let your lash artist know ahead of time so they can either fill the appointment or plan accordingly. If you cancel at the last minute, it is standard to still tip your lash artist as you are still taking their time.

  1. Schedule follow-ups

In respect to your lash artist, you should schedule your fills in person, at each appointment. This gives your lash artist the confidence that you’ll be a return a client and almost guarantees that you’ll get an appointment at a time that works for you. Don’t text your lash artist last minute and expect to get squeezed in. 

  1. Limit phone time

It can sometimes be tempting to take your calls on speaker phone while getting your lashes done. As a courtesy to your lash artist, put your phone away and on silent so your lash artist is not distracted from the task at hand.

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What’re your favorite eyelash extension etiquette tips? Let us know in the comments!


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