Meet Bella’s Latest Innovation: The Royal Lash!

The eyelash industry is constantly progressing and developing which is why here at Bella Lash, we are consistently striving to keep our lash artists with the most innovative products to make lashing easier for them!

The latest creation in the industry is the flat lash, or otherwise know as an ellipse lash. Here at Bella Lash, we call this The Royal Lash!

What is a Royal Lash?

Royal Lashes are superior given their dual concave edges, giving them an ellipse shape.  The concave surface adheres to the natural lash better as it wraps around the side of the natural lash, as shown below.

The royal lash


Here at Bella Lash, the Royal Lash has become a favorite for a few reasons;

The concave surface provides a higher bonding area, making the lashes last much longer than normal and cover more surface area of the natural lash.

Because they wrap around the natural lash, they don’t turn or curve as easily.

The eyelash extensions are lightweight so clients don’t feel a thing!

royal flat ellipse lash extension


 The ease of applying Royal Lashes depends on the experience and comfort of the lash artist. We suggest using a thinner adhesive, like our Platinum+ or Volume adhesive. The viscosity of both of these adhesives settles into the grooves of the Royal Lash, and makes it easier to apply to the lashes.

Who should wear Royal Lashes?

Anyone can wear royal lashes! They are the perfect solution for client’s who have very straight lashes, but desire a more dramatic curl. The higher surface area of the royal lash allows them to be placed on the straightest of lashes without loosing their bond.

Royal lashes are also ideal for clients who have thin and weak natural lashes, but want a more dramatic look. Normally, we wouldn’t suggest putting anything thicker than a .15 on these lashes. However, all royal lashes are light on the bottom, and can easily be set on the thinnest of natural lashes. Their light bottoms make them feel weightless on a client’s eye—they hardly remember that they’re even there!

Royal lashes are also great for clients who desire a longer period between fills.  Given the concave surface that adheres to the natural lash, this assists in giving clients a much longer retention time when used in combination with the right glue.  To find out more about the Royal Lash check out: Royal Lash

royal flat ellipse lashes

We would love to see how you style your royal lashes! Be sure to tag us on Instagram using #BellaLash.

6 thoughts on “Meet Bella’s Latest Innovation: The Royal Lash!

  1. DIANA says:

    I’m not seeing the size options available as described in the royal lash email. I’m interested in .18, which isn’t an option on anything I select to purchase. Also, I am unable to find any reference to what an L curl looks like from Bella, and while it is a described option in the promotional email is not an option to purchase. I can do a Google search to find a sample of curls, but I’d rather find it here on the Bella website. Can you help me out? When will you have eyelash cleanser again? Thank you! I love the eye pads!

    1. Jessi Losee says:

      Hi Diana! We would be more than happy to help you! Please give us a call at 1.855.423.5525.

  2. Barkado says:


    I would love for you all to make a video on how to use this!

    great innovation! SO EXCITED TO SEE TO USE IT!

  3. Karina says:

    Can I purchase the lashes without being certified woth y’all. I am certified with 2 different brands and I don’t see myself paying again for certifications,

  4. Malia Reiter says:

    I’m looking for a lash salon who uses Your Royal Lash.
    Are you able to tell provide a salon Name in the Layton Kaysville Ogden areas?


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