Are You a Blogger? Here’s Why You Need Eyelash Extensions

Why You Need Eyelash ExtensionsHow many times have you posted a selfie or sent a Snapchat with the caption “I Woke Up Like This’? As a blogger, looking selfie ready at any moment is a must! Between photo shoots, product reviews and meetings, it’s hard to stay on top of a beauty routine! Make your life easier with eyelash extensions and wake up flawless every day!

Eyelash extensions are perfect for busy bloggers who need to look on point at all times. They are semi-permanent and totally safe for natural lashes, if applied correctly. They don’t need to be removed at night and don’t need to be reapplied in the morning.

Any makeup guru can attest that applying mascara and getting it “just right” is the most time consuming process of any makeup routine. Eyelash extensions simplify your routine and give you more time for what matters most-your blog!

The best part about eyelash extensions is that they’re totally customizable. You can go as dramatic or as natural as you desire. Natural looks are achieved by using classic eyelash extensions, as shown below. With classic eyelash extensions, one synthetic lash is placed on one natural lash. A lash tech can place one synthetic lash on each natural lash for a full look, or only cover about 70% of natural lashes for a lighter look.

Customizable Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes give a more dramatic look. Volume lashes are applied by placing a fan of two-six thin synthetic lashes on each natural lash. Like classic lashes, lash artists can place as much or as little lashes as needed to achieve your desired look. To find out more about volume vs. classic, check out this blog post. 

volume lashes

Eyelash extensions immediately bring a sense of confidence that can’t be achieved with mascara. They’re perfect for photo shoots, vacations or weddings. Amp up your look to amp up your blog! We promise your followers will go crazy over your perfect lashes 😉

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