How to Organize Your Lash Space and Make It Comfortable for Clients

Organizing and decorating your lash space is not an easy task. Sometimes, you do all you can to end up not feeling totally in love with your space. Here are a few tips to help make your space more client friendly:


Invest in Comfortable Bedding!

There is absolutely nothing worse for a client than to have to lay on a hard, flat massage table for hours at a time while trying to lay completely still. Lash clients should feel pampered and relaxed during their service, not uncomfortable and stiff. We suggest providing your clients with a bolster to put under their knees. The bolster will take the pressure off their lower back. We also recommend having a supportive lash pillow. Bella Lash has made client comfort a priority with the release of our lash pillow. Our Lash Pillow perfectly cradles your client’s head and neck while taking pressure off their shoulders and upper back. A blanket is also a nice addition and can keep clients comfortable.

Bella lash Lash Caddy

Make Your Lash Space More Efficient

There’s nothing a client appreciates more than a quick fill or full set. Often times, clients come ready to get their lashes finished in a certain amount of time. So, it’s not crazy for them to have other appointments they need to get to after their fill. What’s better than having a client impressed by your skill and ability to have them out the door quickly?  By keeping all your essentials for lashing nearby with our Lash Caddy, you can save time and lash more effectively. Place your favorite tweezers, adhesives and lashes in the Lash Caddy compartments to keep them within reach and to minimize unnecessary time away from lashing during appointments.

Save Your Clients’ Information

Our new Client Cards will also help keep everything organized. Each time you get a new client, you should be taking the time to give them a unique look. Our client cards make it easy to have information at your fingertips when they come back.

Add Your Personality

Your salon or lash space should be a reflection of your personal style. Whether you are modern and edgy or pink and girly, your space should reflect you. Your clients chose you for a reason and they will be pleased to see your darling designed space. Consider burning a delicious smelling candle (Need a recommendation? We love this scent), adding a fluffy rug to your floor and using lash model photos as artwork on the walls. Adding additional products that you sell your clients to a shelf in your space can add the needed professionalism your space may be in need of.

Lash Room Organization


Thanks for tuning in for today’s tip Tuesday on organizing your lash space. We love offering tips and help to you, so be sure to leave a comment below with whatever you are struggling with!


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