Happy 2017!!

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” – C.S. Lewis

OH HOW TRUE THIS IS! Especially here at Bella Lash. 2017 is going to be HUGE.

Our shipping department has been coming in early and staying late to get ahead for the new year; our customer service team has been doing everything they can to quickly respond to every email and phone call; our marketing team has had many sleepless nights thinking of all the fun things they will put together; and everyone else has been tirelessly filling in the gaps to make everything possible. We’re growing, we’re growing and we don’t care who knows it!

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We have three New Year’s resolutions as a company this year:

1. Having the BEST customer service through our new account representative program.

We just started this a few months ago, but we are going to perfect it for this year! Each of our customers have their own representative to go to with questions or concerns. We want everyone to have full access to someone who knows them, so everyone can get answers RIGHT when they need them. If you need to know who your account representative is, message us on any social media platform or email sales@bellalashextensions.com.


2. Continuing to come up with innovative products to make YOUR lives easier.

We are always listening to what you guys are looking for to better your lash application process! We try to come out with the latest and greatest products and creating new and dynamic products to change the flow of the industry. We LOVE getting creative!



This is what we are MOST excited for this year! Not only are we attending SIX trade shows this year, we are also bringing a Bella Show & Expo (followed by an AFTERPARTY) to each location! It is going to be so crazy and SO FUN!

Here are the trade shows we will be attending this year, and the cities we are bringing Bella to:

The Bella Show and Expo: January 21st

The Bella Show and Expo: March 4th

The Bella Show and Expo: March 18th

The Bella Show and Expo: May 27th

The Bella Show and Expo: June 17th

The Bella Show and Expo: July 1st

We CANNOT wait to see each and every one of you!! More info and photos to come!




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