Eyelash Extension Care – Summer Edition

Eyelash Extension Care

Summer is here! That means swimming, the beach, laying out and of course, BBQ’ing! Unfortunately, some of those activities can wreck havoc on your lashes. Follow our summer lash care tips to keep your eyelash extensions looking perfect all summer long!

Summer Lash Extension CareSummer Eyelash Extension CareEyelash Extension Care in the summer


Taking a dip in the pool is a must on a hot summer day. Instead of worrying about getting your lashes wet, apply some IntelliSeal about 30 minutes before you swim. This gives the sealer time to dry. The IntelliSeal (especially when fresh) creates a barrier between the adhesive and chlorine.

After you swim, be sure to clean your lashes to get rid of any chemical residue from the pool.

Laying Out

While this may seem like a no brainer, always wear your sunglasses when laying in the sun. Be sure your sunglasses have a high UV rating. This protects the rays from fraying your lashes. If you get sweaty while laying out, be sure cleanse your lashes after. Salty residue sitting on your extensions can break down the adhesive.


Nothing says summer like hamburgers, hot dogs and freshly grilled veggies! Be careful to not lean directly over the BBQ as the heat can fray the edges of the extensions. In rare conditions, extreme heat can also melt eyelash extensions. We recommend standing to the side while grilling.

Ocean Dives

Like swimming in chlorine, swimming in the salty ocean can be damaging to adhesive. Apply IntelliSeal about 30 minute before you plan on diving into the waves.

After playing in the waves, cleanse your lashes to remove any salt. We recommend packing our 15mL Lash Cleanser in your bag as you don’t need to rinse after cleansing.

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