6 Tips for when a client ghosts you…

Unfortunately, no matter what you do as a lash artist, it is inevitable that you will at some point be ghosted by a client. Here is a list of 6 things you can do to help eliminate that from happening often.  

  1. Automated reminders. Using a scheduling system that sends automatic reminders to your clients is a life saver. Your client is busy and part of the reason why you could get ghosted is because they simply forgot.  Sending an automated reminder decreases the chance of you getting ghosted.  It also reminds clients that they have an appointment so if they need to change it they can.

  2. Prepaid option/deposit.  If you require a deposit to save their appointment, you can ensure that your client won’t let that money go to waste and they will show up.  On the off chance that they do miss their appointment, at least you are getting paid for your time. 

  3. Make scheduling a priority. After you have completed your lash service, make scheduling your client’s next appointment a priority. Your client will see how serious you take your business and it will help them schedule their life around their appointment.

  4. Create a Cancellation Policy. Going along with requiring a deposit to save your clients appointment, make sure you have a clear cancellation policy set in place and that it is well communicated to your clients. 

  5. Message no shows. If you have a client who no-showed their appointment, make sure you reach out to them.  This will show them that you care for them and are making sure there wasn’t some sort of emergency. It also allows them to either reschedule their appointment with you or you will get a clear answer about them not wanting to come back. 

  6. Show Appreciation! Lastly, show some authentic appreciation for your consistent clients and invest in good client relationships.  If your clients know that you genuinely care for them, they are going to be less likely to ghost you because you have a solid relationship that they will respect.

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