3 Steps to Extend the Life of Your Lashes

After-care is essential for healthy semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  With proper care, you can extend the life of your lashes, maintain proper hygiene, and keep your beautiful lashes healthy.

Bella Lash offers a revolutionary product called IntelliSystem, which is a 3-step process of sealant mascaras to prolong the life of your semi permanent eyelash extensions as well as enhancing their appearance.

extend the life of your lashes

The IntelliSystem is formulated and manufactured in the U.S.A. and contains ingredients that have been proven to be healthy for your natural lashes. We have also discovered new binders that serve as adhesives to increase the lifespan of your lashes.

Some of these ingredients include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Irish Moss
  • Rich Minerals
  • Natural Plant Extracts

Here’s how it works: 

When we sat down initially to formulate a new sealer/mascara we took a look at the life cycle of the extensions. We quickly realized that one sealer or mascara was simply not enough. Since you start with a full set of lashes and within a few weeks you have a sparse set that is in need of a fill, your mascara needs will change.

Step 1 – Natural Touch MascaraThe Weightless Mascara

At the beginning of your lash cycle, you have a full set of lashes, freshly applied. These thick lashes do not need any more added volume, but they could certainly benefit from a sealer, and a beautiful black glossy sheen.

Bella Lash’s Natural Touch Mascara features intelliSeal technology, which increases extension life with fast acting binders. It is formulated with sealers as well as a touch of mascara, enhancing your lashes with a black sheen. The added vitamins and extracts provide the nutrients that your natural lashes need to be strong and healthy.

*For use one week after a new set or fill 

Natural Touch Mascara - Bella Lash

Step 2 – Perfect Touch MascaraThe Lush Mascara

After more lashes fall out, your lash line can benefit from a little bit more volume. Our Perfect Touch Mascara provides this along with more sealing technology to increase the hold of your existing extensions.

Bella Lash’s Perfect Touch Mascara is the perfect mix between intelliSeal technology and volumizing mascara. Perfect Touch will increase extension life and enhance your lashes with its volumizing effects. The added nutrients, vitamins and extracts help to seal lashes as well as provide additional mascara to maintain your healthy strong look.

*For use two weeks after a new set or fill 

Step 3 – Volume Touch MascaraThe Bold Mascara 

As you approach the end of your fill, your lashes are in need of even more help filling in the volume from the lost extensions. At this point it is time to forget about sealers and just focus on a beautiful volumizing effect. The Volume Touch Mascara adds the maximum amount of volume while maintaining its “extension safe” name. To be “Extension Safe”, the formula must not interfere with the bond of the adhesive, and must come off easily. Your lash stylist should not notice that you have been wearing any mascara after using an extension safe cleanser. It should come off easily with proper cleansing.

Bella Lash’s Volume Touch Mascara is the most thick and voluptuous in the IntelliSystem. This mascara is intended to be used when your lashes need a good boost of color to fill in sparse areas where lash extensions may have separated. This bold black mascara will blend perfectly with your existing lashes, creating a fuller and filled in look, not to mention it is extension safe and easy to remove.

*For use three weeks after a new set or fill 

We love this simple, safe system and we know you will too!

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