You Are What You Eat


Yeah maybe we ate a little too much ice cream. So what? The love is real. So real we decided to wear it for Halloween.


Purchase list:

  • Foam ball
  • Colored felt fabric squares
  • Tan paper
  • White dress
  • Rainbow lashes
  • Rainbow sprinkles


Ice Cream Headband: First of all, this takes a boat-load of hot glue. We decided to go with vanilla ice cream, but really the sky is the limit when it comes to ice cream flavors! Start by gluing the foam ball to a headband. Then cover the ball with felt and use the hot glue to shape it like ice cream. Roll up the paper into a cone and glue it to the ice cream ball. Finally, finish off your headband with a nice topping of felt sprinkles!

Sprinkles: Cut rectangles out of your colored felt to use as sprinkles. Glue/safety pin felt sprinkles onto your white dress (whatever you’d rather do to the fabric).

Rainbow Lashes: Call your lash lady and schedule your rainbow lash appointment.

Sprinkle Lips: Use lip gloss on your lips first, then dip your lips in a bowl of rainbow sprinkles.

The end! You’ve now become the cutest little DIY ice cream cone Halloween has ever seen. Easy as pie. A la mode. 😏





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