The Bella Bunny Has Arrived!

Bella Bunny Ears

We have been SO excited for the Bella Bunny to come and share what her Easter deal is!

Easter is such a fun time of year. Spring sunshine, growth, happiness, change, and beauty!

Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extension Products The Bella Bunny

Drumroll please……

BUY 2 GEL PATCHES GET 1 FREE! People totally go crazy over our gel patches, and this is your chance to go crazy over them too!

Gel Patches

Our mission and goal is to make the best quality eyelash extension products for our customers. You guys are the reason we are here! We would do ANYTHING for you!!

Our gel patches are one of kind and the best in the industry! Why???

  1. 1. They provide a soothing and comfortable under eye collagen treatment.
    1. – This is something you can upsell if you don’t want to use them on every single client. You can offer an “under eye collagen treatment for only 4$ more” or whatever you want to charge!
  2. 2. The ultra-grip gel securely separates bottom lashes and stays in place.
    1. -These gel patches are the only gel patches I’ve ever used that actually stay in place! If they slip around for you, try cleansing under their eye before applying them to get rid of any oil or makeup that would make the skin slippery.
  3. 3. The gel patch releases easily after lash application.
    1. -The first time I ever got my eyelashes done, the eyelash extension artist only applied tape under my eye, and can I tell you… IT HURT SO BAD when she ripped it off. Not a pleasant experience. Gel patches will keep your clients happy!
  4. 4. They are topped with an innovative lint free coating to prevent lint from interfering with the eyelash extension process.
    1. -Nothing is more annoying than lint or cotton getting stuck in the lashes while applying eyelash extensions. These will keep any of that from happening!

Does it get any better? No.

So enjoy this sale while it lasts!


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XOXO, Bella

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