Selecting Your Perfect Lashing Studio

Are you starting your new salon or home business as an eyelash professional? Many new artists wonder what furniture would be best to lash out of. There are are so many options! Beds, massage tables, recliners….and more!

In this blog, we will tell you our lashing studio favorites here at Bella and why! When picking your desired lashing furniture, it is important to keep in mind not only your comfort, but also the comfort of your client as we know lashing can sometimes take time!

Here are our lashing studio favorites!

The Recliner

Using a recliner is a perfect set up for lashing clients, especially if you are lashing from a home studio.  Recliners can provide your client full support and comfort while getting their eyelash extensions done.  This will especially aid in their overall experience as the more comfortable they are with you and during their session, the more inclined they are to be a returning client.  Bella Lash Educator Nichole Sorenson prefers a recliner in her home studio because of the comfort levels this provides! Check out Nichole’s adorable home studio below:

lashing studio

When selecting a recliner, be sure to check how far it reclines back before purchasing as you will want to select one that will lean far enough back for you to lash comfortably from your own stool or chair.

Our next favorite!

The Massage Table

Massage tables are great to lash from because this can aid in providing your clients an overall ‘spa feel’ experience! A massage table will allow the client to lay perfectly flat, and this may assist the artist during application depending on your personal preferences.  Massage Tables are also great, because most are built very durable and can support the weight of the majority of clients without indentation.  Here is an example of a basic massage table perfect for lashing:

Massage Table

When utilizing a massage table to lash clients from, remember that client and artist comfort are both crucial.  Select a pillow that will provide the client necessary comfort and also one that won’t angle their head too much for application.  The key is finding the perfect balance, so that both the artist and client feel comfortable and at ease.

When picking either a massage table or recliner to perform from, remember to keep in mind the temperature of the room and weather outside, as adding a blanket for the client can aid them towards a more positive experience.

Comment below some of your favorite lashing stations!

5 thoughts on “Selecting Your Perfect Lashing Studio

  1. Tash says:

    I just bought a massage table for my set up in the near future! Great advice I love this blog

  2. Amber says:

    Hi! I was wondering where this recliner was purchased if at all possible! Thank you!!

  3. Jada says:

    Where did she get the recliner from and what style is it? Is it Manual or electric? I am in the process of starting up so would like to know! Thank you!!!

  4. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Love the recliner idea and building that set up now because the massage table killed my back due to no room for my legs under it. But, what do you do for smaller clients in the recliner. Do you have a foam cushion if they need to sit higher in the seat?


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