Harley Quinn Transformation

Let’s be honest. We have all probably at least once wanted to be Harley Quinn right?! Isn’t this the sickest Harley Quinn transformation you’ve ever seen?

Harley Quinn Transformation

Harley Quinn Costume

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Hair Ties
Ear Cuffs

Finishing Details:


For the hair, we created a messy wavy look then we put it up into two high pig tails. We kept out some pieces in her bang area (this will look cute with short or longer bangs).

For the vibrant hair color, we bought temporary colored hair spray from a costume store in both pink and blue. That was sprayed on the mid-shaft to ends (the middle of her hair to the ends).

Harley Quinn Halloween

Harley Quinn Hair


We did her foundation, brows, and blush like you would on a typical day. The eye makeup is where we wanted to focus to be. We put eyeshadow in the crease and the bottom of her eyelid. Then swept it down from her outer corners to the top of her cheek bone. We did one side blue and the other side pink (with the opposite color of the lash extensions). To add some volume to her lips, we used a deep hot pink lipstick. To tie the look all together we put a cute little heart on her left cheek (in the middle of her eye section).

Harley Quinn Makeup

Harley Quinn Eyelashes            Harley Quinn Lashes

Temporary Tattoos

We put the temporary tattoos on her legs and a couple on her stomach. Put them on your arms so when you’re dancing your heart out at the Halloween party you can take your jacket off and still look amazing and edgy!

Harley Quinn Temporary Tattoos

Lash Map:

This was such a fun challenge blending the colors together, and they turned out amazing! Try it out and tag us on Instagram, we would love to see your work! Here is what we did.

Lash Formula: C-curl .07 10&12mm 4D&5D fans

Lash Colors:
Pink: Barbie

Blue: Ocean Breeze

Harley Quinn Lash Map Harley Quinn Blue Lash Map

Harley Quinn Lash Trays

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