Darling, It Wouldn’t Be A Party Without YOU!

We CANNOT wait to show you what we have been doing literally all day and all night for WEEKS. We have been showing tons of sneak peeks on Instagram and Snapchat, but the finished product is so gorgeous!

Drumroll pleeeeeeaseeeeeeeeee…






We have put so much work into this that nobody really knows about… which is why we made a behind the scenes video.




We meant it when we said it wouldn’t be a party without you! We hope you can come!! Here are the details:


The Bella Show & Expo

The Bella Show and Expo Invite

If you don’t come for anything else… come for the discounted prices, free food, and good company! It is going to be so much fun, and we look forward to seeing you there!



Afterparty Invite

And a chance to let loose! We know you guys work hard. You’ve earned this!


**If you’re not in California…


Don’t worry! We are headed to New York, Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas, too!





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