An Update From Our Founder – Haley Chipman

Dear Bella Community,

As we make our way through 2020 I wanted to check in with our community and share some updates from Bella HQ.  Like you, we at Bella Lash have been learning to adapt to every challenge of this unique year.  We hope you are holding strong, seeing silver linings, and finding ways to thrive as lash artists and as people. 

Here are some recent Bella updates I wanted to share with you:

Product Innovation 

We’ve been busy innovating. In the past several months our product team has developed and launched a handful of new products to make your lash life better, easier, & more convenient. Here are some of my personal favorites…

Smart Volume Lashes These are some of my favorite lashes we’ve ever developed! I love how easy it lets you make fans.
Hydrogel Patches The reaction to these patches has been unbelievable! We’ve been amazed at the response as these have become one of our best selling products.
Cleanser Wipes Our new cleanser wipes have quickly become a go-to product for me—I use them constantly! Hope you are also enjoying how convenient these make eye makeup removal for you and your clients.
Lash Caddy 2.0 We listened to your feedback and made our lash caddy more customizable and convenient for lash artists to store and use their favorite products and tools.

Faster Ship Times

We recently completed a total overhaul of our shipping system. Our new state-of-the-art shipping methods allow our amazing logistics team to get your orders out even faster.

New & Improved Royalty Program

In August we celebrated Royalty Week to pamper all our most loyal Queens.  We spoiled them with exclusive deals and announced new Royalty features like Text2Order™ to make lash supply ordering even more convenient.

An Industry Award

We received an honorable mention from the Association Skin Care Professionals Readers Choice Award for our industry-leading Royal Cashmere lashes. Thank you for helping to make these some of our most popular new lashes!

New Partner Programs

Last month we launched our new partner programs with exclusive pricing, education, and training experiences, all geared toward helping you build and scale a thriving lash business. We’ve been blown away by the reaction so far!

Lash For A Cure

Last, but not least, I’m thrilled to announce that we will again be supporting our Lash For A Cure initiative.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we will donate a portion of our sales on all aftercare products from October 12th through October 18th to one brave woman fighting breast cancer.  Be sure to stay tuned for more details as we share more information next week about this special campaign. 

Stay strong! You are stronger than these times are challenging.  Let’s finish 2020 on a high note and work together to make the world more confident and beautiful—one lash at a time.

Lash boldly,


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