Top 3 Photo Editing Apps For Your Cell Phone

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to post amazing selfies from their cell phone? Well now you can too! We want to share with you our 3 favorite photo editing apps that you can use right in the palm of your hand from your cell phone!

So let’s play around a little and make an eyelash extension photo worth posting so that as Bella Lash artists, you can proudly share your work!

1. Photoshop Express

My favorite photo-editing app is PS Express (Photoshop Express). With Photoshop express, you can do many of the functionalities of the normal desktop Photoshop such as fixing red-eye, blurring out blemishes with the Band-Aid tool, and enhancing the image’s color. This app is currently free and available on Android and IOS. Here we show you how to remove red-eye in Photoshop Express:

Photo Editing Apps

2. FaceTune

FaceTune is a great app for correcting skin tones and evening complexion. FaceTune offers the feature to whiten teeth, sharpen features and adjust lighting. It is very user friendly and perfect for any photo editing skill level! Just select the ‘smooth’ or ‘smoother’ tool and begin brushing the skin on your touch screen with your finger. You can easily remove wrinkles, blemishes or other imperfections like the screen shot below. Here, we have removed under eye wrinkles:

Photo Editing Apps 2

3. Instagram

Last, I like to use Instagram to edit photos. Not only is Instagram a great place to share your work, but you can also edit photos within the app. Instagram offers many fun features like the ability to adjust and correct lighting as well as add shadows or fading to the picture. We like Instagrams capability to add filters to create the look that you desire!

Here we have played around with the filters Reyes, Moon and Juno:


These are all great apps to edit and share your work on social media. Test them out and make your eyelash extension photos even more fab!


Comment below to share your favorite cell phone editing apps.

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