Everything You Need to Know About the Spring Lash Shed

Spring Lash Shed

What is going on?! What’s Spring Lash Shed? Why are all of my clients losing their lashes so quickly?!

Bella Lash is here to explain everything to you!

What is the spring lash shed, and why does it happen?

Just like a dog sheds his winter coat, you and I (and all of our clients) shed theirs as well! Not just the hair on our heads, but the hair on our face, too. Our body goes through a period of change to prepare for the new season. This is due to a mix of weather changes that take place and affect our internal body responses.

How do I know if my client is experiencing this?

This isn’t something you would recognize unless it is a client that you have had for several months. If their retention pattern is a little off at this time, don’t stress. It is just the spring lash shed and it’s completely normal. If your client is getting frustrated, ask them if they are losing more hair on their head or noticing any changes in their skin. These are also signs of the lash shed.

How long is this going to last?

It really depends on the person, the climate, and the area you live in! For example, someone in California might not experience this at all because the temperature there is fairly constant. On the other hand, someone in Utah may experience this for a few more weeks than most because of the drastic season changes. On average, though, I would say no more than a few weeks.

Can my clients prevent the lash shed?

There’s not much you can do to prevent it completely, but your client can help the cause by utilizing AFTERCARE!! It is so incredibly important to cleanse during this phase because of the rise in allergies, oil production, and other changes that can cause buildup in their lashes.

Inform your clients!

Make sure to educate your clients on how this is a normal thing to be experiencing, so they don’t think it’s because of you! Give each of your clients 10 or 15 minutes extra so you have enough time to fill extra lashes in case they have lost more due to the season. Happy clients are loyal clients.

We hope this is everything you’ve ever needed to know about the spring lash shed! Please contact us at sales@bellalashextensions if you have ANY questions!

The Dreaded Spring Lash Shed

XOXO, Bella

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