Working With Allergies

Working With Allergies

Spring is upon us, the flowers have bloomed and allergies are in full effect! We all know that some of our clients have trouble with allergies and sensitivity in the first place, so let’s try and minimize their sensitivity while they get their lashes done.

Here are some tips on how to minimize your clients sensitivity:

1. Do not wipe your excess adhesive onto your clients gel patch. This causes the adhesive to be close to your clients eyes. Fumes from the adhesive going through the polymerization process can cause irritation and discomfort to your client.

2. Keep the adhesive as far away from your client as possible. We do not recommend using “Glue Rings” because of how close your adhesives fumes are to your clients eyes and face.

3. Use a Sealer, Nebulizer or both. Sealers and Nebulizers drastically decrease the fumes from your adhesive and help sooth the eye. If you plan to use both, use the Sealer, then your Nebulizer.

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