How To Take The Best Photos For Your Instagram


We all know marketing is EVERYTHING. Your brand should be recognizable, beautiful, and unique. For Instagram marketing… it all starts with beautiful photos!

Soooo, how do you take beautiful photos if you aren’t trained in photography?! Bella Lash will give you the run down 🙂


Step 1: Consent

First and foremost, get consent from your client. Make sure they are okay with you taking photos of them. If they aren’t comfortable with that, remind them that you’re just photographing their eyes. Hopefully that will persuade them to let you! This is step one to building a glamorous portfolio.

kilash_extensions Eyelash Extension Goals

Set by Kylie White


Step 2: Prep

If you’re taking a photo of them laying down, clean the area around you… including their face. If there are any loose lashes on their face, take them off! There is nothing more distracting than trash on your table, or lashes on their face. You don’t want anything to distract your followers from the gorgeous set you just completed!

savannah_bellalash Eyelash Extension Goals

Set by Savannah Carmichael

If you’re taking a photo of them standing up, put them in front of a blank wall. This will create a clean, professional look for your profile!

luxlashesbylana Eyelash Extension Goals

Set by Lana Wyer


Step 3: Lights… Camera…

Lighting makes the absolute biggest difference in photos! Make sure it’s bright. Ideally, you should use natural light from the sun. If you are close to a window, utilize that light! If it’s dark out, or you aren’t near a window, use a ring light or a Glamcor. The problem with synthetic lighting is that it can give your photos a yellow or blue hue.  Here is an example of regular room lighting versus natural lighting.

Room lighting

Room Lighting Eyelash Extensions

Natural Lighting

photos for your instagram - Natural Lighting Eyelash Extensions

Set by Savannah Carmichael


Step 4: Don’t stop, don’t stop.

Don’t be afraid to take several photos to get the best angle, best lighting, and best view possible of your gorgeous set! Most clients will love the paparazzi 😉


Step 5: Editing Your Beauties!

We know your clients are all models, and don’t need editing…. But just in case they do… Here are our favorite 9 free iPhone photo editing apps!

  • Snapseed
    • “Complete and professional photo editor developed by Google”
    • Snapseed
  • Airbrush
    • “Subtle, precise, and easy-to-use photo editing tools”
    • Airbrush
  • ColorStory
    • “Focuses on fresh photos, bright whites, and colors that pop”
    • Color Story
  • Filmborn
    • “Preset filters to make photos look like film”
    • Filmborn
  • VSCO
    • “The best app to edit & share photography”
    • VSCO
  • PS Express 
    • “Fast, powerful, and advanced editing on mobile devices”
    • PS Express
  • Priime 
  • “Edit photos with filters created from the styles of the world’s top photographers”
  • Priime
  • Toolwiz Photos 
    • One click photo editing to convert your everyday photos into masterpieces”
    • Toolwiz
  • FotoRus 
    • “Professional edit, beauty, special effects, and stickers”
    • FotoRus


Aaaaand, if you want to spend money…



“FaceTune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones.”




Step 6: Last but not least, Switching it up

Don’t be afraid to take photos of your lash sets at different angels. Show off new things. For example, post a picture of a perfect fan you placed on a lash. Post a photo of you practicing fans in your spare time. Post a photo of a client who has amazing natural lashes. Post some pictures of quotes or other eyelash related content to engage your customers and make your feed look pretttttyyyyy!


XOXO, Bella


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