How To Map Your Clients Lashes

For this weeks Lash Tip Tuesday, we are teaching you how to map your clients eyelash extensions.

Lash Mapping is a great tool to help you remember which lengths you want to apply and to what location on the clients eye.

It is simple! To begin, apply Bella Lash Gel Pads underneath the clients eye.  Have your desired look in mind and pick which lengths you would  like to apply.  You can then use any type of marker or pen to lightly write on the under eye gel pad to map the desired location of the clients eyelash extensions.  Be careful to not apply too much pressure, and avoid using a sharp pen as this may tear the gel pad.

Map Your Clients Lashes

This is a great technique that our rockstar Bella Lash Educator Nichole Sorenson uses to help stay on track to achieve numerous looks and styles for her clients eyes!

Eyelash Extension Gel Pads

Check out these perfectly mapped out beauties!

Volume Eyelash Extensions

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