Corner Lashing Cheat Sheet

Full and fluffy lashes can only be achieved by perfectly placing lashes on the inner and outer corners. This can often be the most challenging part of lashing, especially for new lash artists. With practice and following the tips below, you’ll be achieving selfie-worthy lashes in no time!


Preparation is key to making corner lashing easier. When applying a gel pad or tape, ensure that no upper lashes, especially corner lashes are stuck underneath the gel pad or tape. This is essential because if later in the lashing process you notice lashes are stuck under the pad or tape, it is not only harmful to the client to remove them, but it also leaves the lashes extra curly and skewed.

When placing the gel pad, gently lift the client’s upper eyelid with your finger, as shown below. This keeps the upper lashes out of reach of the gel pad.

corner lashing

After you have placed the gel pad and primed the lashes, some corner lashes may still be extremely curly. Use a heated eyelash curler to straighten out lashes, as seen below.

heated eyelash curler


Angle is key when applying corner lashes. You can read this article about different gel pad positions that help with corner lashing.

Here at Bella HQ, we promote moving your body so it’s more comfortable when applying corner lashes. Position your body in the same angle as the lash. If the lash is pointing towards the left, position your body above it and to the left. Not only does this make it easier on you, but it ensures that lashes are placed on straight, and look natural.

strait lashes


To keep outer lashes facing the right direction and looking natural and full, brushing is key. But, advise your clients to brush in different directions, instead of just one big sweep.

Brush the center lashes as normal, but brush the inner and outer corners in the direction they face. This keeps extensions hanging on and doesn’t cause strain.


There you have it! We hope this guide will help keep your lashing easy and flawless!

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      Hola Erika ! Actualmente , no tenemos formación en enero en Colombia en este momento. Por favor, háganos saber si desea información acerca de estados unidos entrenamientos .

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    Hi I’m in Miami do you offer lash training here ?

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      We do! Give our education department a call at (855) 423-5525 and they can help you get set up!


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