Building a Clientele

Building a clientele

What makes building a clientele so hard?

Especially when starting out, this can be one of the most difficult parts of success. We have a few tips to building and maintaining a successful clientele!

Make education a priority!
1. Make Education a Priority!
Train with a well-known, established company… aka Bella Lash 😉

Although these companies may have higher prices, than other smaller companies, their education is top notch and will leave you with everything you need to know! After you’re certified, name-drop the company you certified with EVERYWHERE. This will make you seem more reliable and educated to your clients.

Never stop learning!

Bella Lash offers free “refresher courses” to brush up on some dusty skills, or to talk about some new techniques in the industry! There is always more to learn!!

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2. Create a Professional Business Name
Create a Facebook and Instagram Business page for yourself.
These two platforms are never ending portfolios for your business! It’s quick, easy, and will constantly be updated. This is where the majority of people go to find a reliable lash artist!

Build a Website

If this doesn’t make you seem extremely professional, I don’t know what will. Having your own website for your business can boost sales by a lot! Especially if it has a beautiful layout that can be navigated easily so everything your potential client needs is in one place!

Here are some easy to use website builders:

3. Make it Easy for a Client to Book.
Use a Booking App!

We suggest using a booking app because things can get hairy if a lot of strangers get a hold of your personal phone number. If you create a business email, I suggest checking it frequently! (First time shoppers typically are looking around at several places, so the quicker you get back to them, the more likely they are to book you!)

Here are some great booking apps that you should take a look at:

Comfortable and professional
4. Make Your Lashing Room Comfortable and Professional
Always make sure your room is clean, sanitary and free of all clutter.

Besides your clients’ first impression of YOU, their first impression of your lashing space will be a big factor of whether or not they return. Make sure it’s a space that they feel comfortable in.

Display your certification!

If building a clientele is your main goal…

This is the BEST THING YOU CAN DO! This will keep your current clients loyal (knowing that they get a discount if they refer someone to you) and it will bring in more clients.

Make your clients feel beautiful and important!
6. Make them feel beautiful and important!
Become friends with your clients!

Remember their name, remember what you talked about the previous session, and remember their dog’s name and their boyfriend drama! This will create a connection and bond that many other lash artists will not have with their clients!


XOXO, Bella

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Very good article. Love your products. Can wait to see you at the Vegas show❤️

    1. Bella Lash says:

      We can’t wait to see you!! Thank you for your love and support <3


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