All that Glitters is GOLD… Adhesive


It’s Fall, Thanksgiving is around the corner and we’re celebrating all things sparkly, delicious and GOLD.

In honor of the season we thought we’d give you some in-depth detail about our favorite adhesive- The Gold Adhesive.

About The Gold Adhesive:

Bella’s Gold Adhesive contains the same ingredient deck as our popular Platinum+ Adhesive. It is different in that it has slightly fewer fumes than the Platinum. By removing some of these fumes, we are left with slightly longer set times and a slightly shorter bond life. Bella’s Gold still offers a fast bonding and long lasting adhesive. This adhesive allows for easy application because of its fast drying time of 3 seconds. Bella’s Gold Adhesive has a slightly thin consistency that allows it to glide on smooth. It gives a glossy black sheen, adding glamour to the client’s extensions. It also contains a rubber component to increase flexibility and bond time.

How does it work:

Once the lash is dipped in the adhesive, it begins curing immediately. The adhesive ingredients create a strong hold to the natural lash, while still maintaining the health of the natural lash.

How do I use it:

Vigorously shake adhesive for 30-60 seconds. Place two-three drops of adhesive onto the jade or crystal stones. Dip bottom third of lash extension into the glue and place on one natural lash. It is recommended to refresh adhesive every 30-60 minutes when lashing. Store adhesive in a cool, temperature controlled and dry place.


-5-6 week bond time (three weeks longer than the Silver Adhesive)

-Glossy black finish

-Sets in approximately 2 seconds (Approximately 2 seconds faster than Silver Adhesive)

-Sets quickly while still allowing time to readjust lash extension on the natural lash

-10mL or 5mL available


-Doesn’t bond as quickly as the Platinum Adhesive


-Mix the Gold Adhesive with the Silver Adhesive for clients with sensitive eyes to increase retention an remain sensitive.

-Mix the Gold Adhesive with the Platinum Adhesive to increase retention and set time while still allowing extra time to manipulate the extension after placing.


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