5 Goals Lash Artists Should Have

It is so important to set (and keep) goals throughout the entire year! It has been long enough since January 1st, that I think it’s time to set some new goals!

Here are the 5 goals that Bella Lash suggests you make!

  1. 1. Stay fully stocked

There’s nothing worse than not having the lashes that your client wants. This gives them the chance to leave, and go to someone who has the lashes that they want. Also make sure any products you resell to your clients are in stock so they don’t have to find those products elsewhere.

Staying Stocked

2. Keep track of good clients

Staying in touch with good clients will help you maintain and build your clientele. Thank them for their loyalty, and reward them for referrals. Don’t forget to send reminders to all clients. Your time is valuable and any last minute cancellation can hurt your overall income. These reminders will help them stay accountable, and should give you enough time to find a client that can fill their spot.

Keeping Track of Your Clients

3. Market yourself

Marketing yourself with help in building a large clientele. Besides creating a social media platform to showcase your work, some good ideas are to create your own website, pass out your business cards wherever you go, and wear cute lash apparel! You will literally be a walking, talking advertisement!

(Read our blog post about how to take the best photos for your IG, HERE! )

Eyelash Extension Branding

4. Invest to impress

Finding the “cheapest” product is not a good idea when working so close to people’s eyes. You need to be able to trust the brand you are going with. Make sure that your company’s products are made in the U.S. (like Bella Lash). Quality over quantity every time.

Best Eyelash Cleanser

5. Always continue your education

Have you only been trained in Classic lashing? Set a goal to take a Volume course! Already taken both? Bella offer’s refresher courses so you can continue your education and trainings. The industry is constantly changing and growing, so keeping up with the latest and greatest is a MUST!

Eyelash Extension Training

XOXO, Bella

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