10 New Years Resolutions Every Lash Artist Should Have

New Years Resolutions Eyelash ArtistsKick off 2016 with your best foot forward and set goals for yourself as a lash extension artist.  This will help you to be more successful and get the most out of your 2016 lashing career.  Here are the top ten goals we have found to help you set your 2016 new years lashing resolutions this year ↓

Set Goals – Setting goals is the best way to monitor and keep track of your success.  We recommend setting S-M-A-R-T goals.  These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & within a Time-Frame.  This will help you to monitor and achieve your goals.  By setting realistic goals that you can achieve, you will have greater success and not feel overwhelmed or give up on them.  Setting a timeframe also helps to hold yourself accountable for your own success.

Determine Spending & Budget – Determining your spending and budget for 2016 will help you to maximize your profits.  Set a realistic budget for lash extension supplies and determine your spending based off of this.  This will ensure that you have optimal income.

Keep Track of Good Clients – Keeping in good communication with good clients will help to maintain your client retention.  If you have a good client, one who is a regular, always on time and pays full price without asking for discounts; Keep track of this.  Thank them for their loyalty and stay in communication to help maintain the relationship.

Improve Speed & Efficiency – There are many ways that you can improve your speed and efficiency.  This will allow you to maximize your performance as well as give you more time for yourself or to fit in more clientele.  We recommend trying Bella’s Lash Pod, because this helps to improve hand eye coordination and creates a smaller working space allowing you to pick up lashes faster without breaking your focus.  Learn more about the Bella Lash Pod here: Lash Pod

Invest to Impress – Investing in a good quality product will surely help you to impress your clients and keep them coming back for more! Be sure to select quality eyelash extension companies that make their products in the US, that will be best for your clients.  The better set that your client has, the more likely they are to come back for more.  It may be easy to select the cheapest product out there, but remember, when doing so you risk losing clients over the quality of products that were utilized.

Stay Fully Stocked – If you distribute any products in your salon or home lashing studio, staying fully stocked in products will help maintain your client satisfaction as well as help you to continue profiting higher amounts from your clients.  We recommend having sealers, cleaners, eyelash extension mascaras in stock at all times so that your clients can purchase these at their appointments.

Market Yourself – Marketing yourself in the appropriate ways will help tremendously in building a larger clientele.  There are many ways to do this such as creating a website for yourself, passing out business card appointment reminders and most importantly sharing your work on social media.  Social media is a huge resource to gain new clients because they can see your previous work on other clients.

Send Client Reminders –  Sending client reminders the day before their appointment helps to hold them accountable to their obligation to you as an artist.  Your time is valuable, and since you only have one set of hands, canceling at the last minute can hurt your overall income and time management.  Send a friendly reminder via text to your clients 1-2 days before their appointment to confirm.  This way you will know if they plan to cancel and you will have ample time to reschedule another client in their spot.  This also reminds those flaky clients that may have forgot!

Be Flexible – Try to remain as flexible as possible when scheduling with clients.  The more flexible that you are, the more opportunities for clients that may work during the day.  Sometimes this can be rough, since you are working around other people schedules while still trying to fill your own.  Being open and flexible though will ensure your clients will stay coming back to you.

Continue or Refresh Your Lash Training – Have you only been trained in Classic lashing?  Set a new years goal to take a volume course.  Or if you have already taken both, reputable training companies such as Bella Lash offer refresher courses so that you can continue your lash education and training so you can continue to be an expert at what you do best!

Utilizing these goals will not only help you become a better lash artist, but will assist in helping to build a bigger, more reliable clientele and maximizing your profits.  As an eyelash extension artist you will want as many advantages as you can to maintain your lashing success!

Comment below some of your 2016 lashing New Years resolutions!




4 thoughts on “10 New Years Resolutions Every Lash Artist Should Have

  1. Kerrie windrix says:

    Hi do you offer any basic lash class’s on sat and Sunday it of the class’s are on Sunday Monday
    It would be very helpful to have one on the weekend. I live in Oklahoma but willing to travel in order to take one.

  2. Tiara says:

    Hello I’m certified in classic lashing. I really didn’t get off to a good start. I’ve been following you guys for the longest and I absolutely love the products and promoting. I want to be come great but , I feel I need more help and pushing and encouragement! I live in Atlanta and I really want to take the volume lash class! I also need help with a good reasonable starter kit! My finances are going thru a storm right now! But I really .. Really want to succeed in this and gain my own business! Pls any advice and help in greatly appreciated.. Thanks Tiara Mcdowell

    1. Jessi Losee says:

      Hi Tiara! That is great to hear that you are so interested and dedicated to becoming an advanced lash artist! We have many options for starter kits and would love to help you get set up with one of our lashing classes! Please feel free to give us a call at 1.855.423.5525 or email at aubrey@bellalashextensions.com


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