Six Questions with an Engineer Creating the First Ever American-Made Lashes

The process of fabricating eyelash extensions has been a journey for the Bella Engineering team. One that’s taken years and is still unfolding. We had a quick chat with one of our (very busy) engineers Mak, to discuss the process.

Title: Design Engineer
Years at Bella: 1+ Years
Alma Mater: BYU School of Mechanical Engineering
Favorite Engineering Tool: Vortex Tube
Favorite Non-Work Activity: Biking & Soccer

I graduated from the BYU Mechanical Engineering program and was interning in San Francisco, but keeping my eyes open for other opportunities after the end of my internship. I knew Hayden (Check out the video below to meet Hayden) from school and we got talking about the ability to build production lines from the ground up. Creating something that’s never been done before.

I didn’t know very much about eyelash extensions before I started, but the more I asked my family and friends, the more I realized they were everywhere. I wanted to be a part of United States manufacturing — bringing things stateside. I think it’s an amazing endeavor.

In the beginning, we experimented with different compounds. We built a few complex and expensive machines surrounding these compounds – and we had to throw them all away. And had we done more testing we would have found a better, safer way to work with this compound earlier on, before investing the time and energy to create around an inferior compound. We have grown and learned so much from that point and try to look at things from every angle before we commit and move forward.

Developing something that’s never been developed before. It’s not every day that you’re creating a process thats never been created before. Anywhere else in the world, eyelash extensions are handmade. Being able to automate this process opens up endless possibilities for beauty.

I haven’t had my lashes done before, but I’d be willing to try them as we go through this development process.

As far as the Bella Engineering team, it’s about expanding our capabilities. Going bigger. The future of lashes, as it pertains to us – now we have the ability to control the design of each individual lash, which means the design and availability to clients will be so vast. Companies now have finite options, but in our minds, the future is customizable.

From an engineering standpoint, beauty is simplicity. Ease of operating, producing things with minimal intervention that come out consistent and spot-on every time. That’s beauty.

While Mak heads back to work, we wanted to leave you with a deeper insight into what the Bella Engineering team is working on. Check out the team below and take a peek behind the scenes of innovation at work!

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