Which Adhesive is right for you & your clients?

There is a lot to unpack with knowing which adhesive is right for you. Have no fear! No matter your skill range, lashing style, or needs of your clients, Bella Lash has the right adhesive for you. In this video our Master Educator, Brooke, talks about each of the Bella Lash Adhesives to help you identify which is perfect for your Lash Services.

Which Bella Lash adhesive is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Which Adhesive is right for you & your clients?

  1. Diamyn Blackmon says:

    How often should we change out our adhesive drop on our jade stone while lashing a client to keep it fresh and not clumpy?

    1. Brooke Savage says:

      There is a lot that goes into keeping your adhesive fresh on the jade stone. But typically it should be good for 30 minutes if it is placed directly on the jade stone or on a piece of tape. If you use one of Bella Lash’s Poly-stop it can prolong your adhesive to stay fresh for 45 min-1 hour, as long as your humidity is being regulated. Let me know if this helps!–Brooke


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