Pre-Made vs Hand-Made Volume Fans

Lash Tip Tuesday – Volume Fans

volume fans

Pre-Made Fans: The problem with Pre-Made Fans or Clusters is that they come with too much adhesive and are created with a flat, stiff base. When you add more adhesive, you are essentially doubling the amount needed. Since they are flat and stiff, you will fail to get the extensions to wrap around the natural lash. This will decrease the retention of the lashes. It also creates a “T-Bar” at the base which will catch when brushing the lashes.

Hand-Made Fans: If created correctly, these fans have the perfect amount of adhesive and will not be too heavy or damaging to the natural lash. They also “wrap” around a natural lash to create the best bond between the fan and natural lash, helping increase the retention time. It also creates a smoother “wrap around” affect that looks good and doesn’t catch while brushing your lashes.

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