How to Pay For Lash Extension Certification

Let’s face it. Eyelash extension certification and training can feel like it will use up practically all of your savings or extra income. With the burden of being a newly graduated student from cosmetology school or a hairstylist struggling to make ends meet, it can almost seem like too much to take on financially.

In general, most eyelash extension certification programs can range in price from $1,000 to $1,800. That’s a big chunk of change for most people, especially graduating students from esthetician and cosmetology programs.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you save to become lash certified and loosen the tight grip on your purse strings.

  1. Use PayPal Credit: PayPal credit is a great way to pay for a lash certification program. PayPal has a feature that can make it so you don’t have to pay up front all at once. PayPal Credit offers no interested if you pay in full in 6 months of purchases $99 or more. Approval for PayPal Credit is incredibly easy. PayPal credit makes it possible for you to become lash certified. Then, you can using your income from your new lashing clients to pay off your certification debt with ease.
  2. Set Up a Savings Schedule: Maybe you won’t be able to become certified right after passing your boards. That’s totally fine! We know that coming out of school with debt is hard. Money is stressful! We recommend working with clients (whether doing their hair or other services) for a few months to get a steady income coming in. Then, set an amount of money from each paycheck or payment that you are committed to putting towards saving for certification. This could be $10 or $200. The amount will be different based on individual lifestyles. Either way, saving up will feel rewarding.savings tricks
  3. Ask Parents to Gift The Course to You: The holidays are coming up! (Can you say, “Happy dance!?”) This is a great time to forgo traditional gifts wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons. Ask your parents or other family members to invest in your future this year.  If your family members aren’t necessarily the richest people you know, you could always ask for a partial donation in lieu of holiday gifts.
  4. Sell Unnecessary Items: Do you have clothes or old electronics laying around that are in practically perfect condition? You can make extra disposable income from selling old things you no longer use. Apps like Poshmark, CPlus, LetGo and Offer Up make it easy for you to sell these unneeded items.

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to to save or pay to become certified in lash extensions. It may take a little bit of time and creativity, but ultimately we know you can reach your goal. We hope you found these tips helpful. Here at Bella Lash HQ, we wish you all the luck in your endeavors as a budding lash artist!

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