Tues, Aug 25 @ 2pm MDT

Online Volume Boot Campers are invited to join our Bella Lash Master Educator, Brooke, for an exclusive Webinar on Tuesday, August 25. It will begin at 2pm MDT.

In this webinar, you’ll get to know professional lash practices, technique, placement & tools of the trade. Brooke will feature a live demonstration on creating volume fans and will end with a Q & A to get all your lashing questions answered.

In preparation, complete the online educational portal, try practicing creating volume fans and fan placement on a sponge, write down any questions you may have about theory or practice and print the downloadable worksheets below.


These volume lashing drills have been created to challenge your technique and skill as a beginner volume lash artist. There are 4 drills that you will run to perfection. Send in your best practice results by September 22 for a Boot Camp Achievement Award.

Download the PDF below for detailed instructions and drills.

Webinar FAQ

How will I get access to the webinar?
The morning of the webinar, you will receive an e-mail with a clickable link to enter the webinar. We recommend joining the webinar 10-15 minutes before the webinar begins.

What if I can’t attend the one of the webinars?
Can’t make it? Don’t worry. We will be recording the webinars and uploading the videos to the online educational portal (under ‘Resources’) for you to watch at your convenience. This could take 3-5 days to process onto your portal.

Where will the webinar be streaming from?
The webinar will be set up on Zoom. You will need to create a free login to join the webinar. No payment required.

How can I prepare for the webinars?
– Complete the online educational portal
– Try practicing creating volume fans and fan placement on a sponge
– Write down any questions you may have about theory or practice
– Print the downloadable worksheets sent to you in this email

Will I receive a certificate to lash after the completion of this boot camp?
No. This is a non-certifiable boot camp. But you will recieve an acheivement award if you complete the drills given after the webinar.

Where can I ask a question during the Q&A?
There is a ‘Q&A’ section attached to the webinar system. Drop your questions there throughout the webinar. They will be answered at the end. DO NOT post questions into the ‘CHAT’. They will not be seen by the host and therefore, not answered.

Will I have to attach my video/mic?
No. The webinar will be one way only. You will only be able to watch the webinar. If there is anything you’d like to say or suggest, please leave it in the chat.